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Problems That Veneers Resolve

Problems That Veneers Resolve

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. If you want to make a good impression, dental veneers are hands-down the most effective way to truly get a “Hollywood smile.” Veneers cover up minor and even some major imperfections. If you want smooth, even, gorgeous teeth, veneers are the surest way to get them.

Veneers give most people the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to cosmetic dentistry procedures. But they’re not for everyone for a few reasons, including that they’re a permanent solution. That said, the providers at Dental Art of South Bay explain more below about veneers and the problems they do resolve.

What veneers are

Dental veneers are thin shells of either ceramic or composite resin placed over your natural teeth. To make room for veneers, your natural teeth have to be filed down just a bit, which is why this is considered a permanent solution. 

However, the results of one set of veneers don’t last forever. Largely, it depends on what material your veneers are made from. With good care, porcelain veneers can last for nearly 20 years, although the average is about 10 years.

5 problems veneers can resolve

If you’re wondering whether or not veneers can really work for you, consider this list of five common problems that veneers can resolve.

1. Darker teeth

Maybe you’ve already tried professional teeth whitening but found the results underwhelming. That’s because teeth whitening can only go 2 to 8 shades lighter than your natural teeth. Some people naturally have darker teeth because their dentin (the material inside your teeth) is genetically darker. Other people may have conditions that aren’t improved much by teeth whitening, such as fluorosis.

2. Chipped teeth

If your teeth are chipped, even small chips can make your smile look less even. Veneers can make all of your teeth the same length and smoothness.

3. Gaps between teeth

No, you don’t necessarily need to get braces or Invisalign® to close the gaps between your teeth. Veneers can do a great job of closing those gaps without having to resort to lengthier and more inconvenient solutions.

4. Damaged enamel

One of the sad truths about our teeth is that the protective enamel does not ever grow back if it has been damaged. Unfortunately, things like acidic drinks, overzealous tooth brushing, or acid reflux can make us lose enamel. Once our enamel is worn, we are also more susceptible to getting stains on our teeth.

The only way you can make up for lost enamel is with veneers. Fortunately, veneers are an excellent solution to damaged enamel.

5. Fractures in your teeth

Many of us develop small fractures in our teeth. They may or may not be noticeable to the naked eye but they always represent potential future damage. If you only have fractures in one tooth, then a crown may be a better option. But if several teeth are fractured, veneers are a great solution.

If you are considering getting veneers, it’s worth scheduling a consultation to get a realistic idea of what they can do for you. Contact the providers at Dental Art of South Bay or request an appointment online.

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