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I’m Concerned About My Upcoming CT Scan

I’m Concerned About My Upcoming CT Scan

If a dentist has advised you to get a CT scan, you may feel a bit nervous about it. After all, people don’t usually get CT scans, so it must suggest you have a serious health problem, right?

Not exactly. Needing a dental CT scan doesn’t necessarily mean you have a serious problem. It’s used as a diagnostic tool. Here, the providers at Dental Art of South Bay explain more about dental CT scans, including when and why you might have to get one.

What is a dental CT scan?

Computerized tomography (or CT) scans are highly detailed 3D-imaging scans. We order dental CT scans when we need to get a better look at the structures of your face and how they impact your oral health. A dental CT scan provides information about your jaws and surrounding tissues, including your nasal cavities and sinuses.

The process of a dental CT scan is fairly simple. First, you sit very still or lie down on a table. A cone-shaped device is positioned around your face to effectively get the images needed. It usually only takes about 20 seconds.

What can a dental CT scan detect?

CT scans can help us discover the root causes of your dental issues, which may include the following:

Dental CT scans only expose you to a little bit of radiation, but the information they provide can be extremely useful.

The benefits of dental CT scans

Dental CT scans are used in several circumstances, such as to:

Dental CT scans help us get a clearer and more complete picture of what’s going on with your oral health.

The convenience factor

Very often, in order to get a CT scan, you have to go to a completely separate facility. However, you can get your CT scan right in our office at Dental Art of South Bay, the same facility where you receive treatment.

Preparations for a dental CT scan

Before you get a CT scan, you’ll have to do a few things to prepare. You’ll want to remove any of the following items:

In addition, if you have any metal implanted in your body, be sure to tell the dentist about it so they can decide how to proceed.

If you’re pregnant, you should postpone the procedure until after your pregnancy.

If you need to get a dental CT scan, you have no reason to worry. Simply contact the providers at Dental Art of South Bay or request an appointment online.

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