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CT Scans Provide Next-Level Dentistry

CT (computerized tomography) scans aren't just for screening breast cancer, lung cancer, and looking inside the brain. In the last 15 years, dental professionals have found CT scans to be effective in quite a few different ways.

Dr. Dana Samet and our committed and caring team at Dental Art of South Bay are heavily invested in providing treatment based on the most advanced diagnostic information possible. Dental CT scans are one of the many tools we use to improve the lives of our patients. 

What are the advantages of a dental CT scan?

First, it’s important to have an idea of how and what types of images a CT scan can produce. During the scan, the X-ray beam revolves around the area of your body that it’s analyzing and creates multiple highly detailed images, known as splices.

CT scans have the technology to create two-dimensional images that are brought together to create a 3D image. Unlike X-rays, which are only 2D, and make it difficult to see exactly what's going on inside the body.

What are the benefits?

There are several patient-friendly benefits of a dental CT scan. Here are a few: 

Are you concerned about radiation from a dental CT? This technology produces only small amounts of radiation, so you don't have to worry about excessive exposure.

How does a CT scan help my dentist?

Not only do dental CT scans help you, but they also help Dr. Samet. With them, she has the ability to view highly accurate images of your nasal cavity, jaw, and teeth. This helps her plan procedures with the best information available.

What she deduces from these images allows her to treat you effectively. Whether you're planning a dental implant procedure or having an injury treated. Dr. Samet can gain a better idea of the problem and solution using the dental CT scan data. 

The unmatched accuracy of dental CT scan images means that Dr. Samet’s diagnosis and treatment are much better targeted.

Take advantage of the best dental technology available

Are you concerned about your oral health or smile? We’re proud to offer the most sophisticated technology — like the dental CT scan — to all our patients. Schedule a consultation and learn why South Bay Magazine recognized us as one of the area’s top dentists in 2016. 

You can call our office at 310-421-4442 or click here for information on how to contact us online. 

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