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5 Ways to Get a Smile You Feel More Confident About

5 Ways to Get a Smile You Feel More Confident About

If you’re not confident about your smile, it can really hold you back. You might feel less likely to proudly display your smile, especially in situations where you really want to make a positive impression. 

But the good news is that you can make a lot of changes to your smile. Sometimes, it might only be a minor amount of work needed. Regardless of whether you go for a simple option or opt for the works, cosmetic dentistry can give you a truly dazzling smile that you’re proud to show off. Here, the providers at Dental Art of South Bay explain more about the options you have to transform your smile.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and least invasive ways that you can transform your smile. You’re most likely to benefit from this procedure if your teeth are stained from the effects of everyday life, such as consuming coffee, tea, or red wine, eating berries, or smoking. 

Professional tooth whitening is different from buying over-the-counter whitening strips that you wear on your teeth. For one thing, we use a higher concentration of bleaching chemicals than what’s available in the over-the-counter kits. We may also use the Zoom!® laser to make the chemicals work more effectively or we can provide at-home kits that you can wear.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns aren’t just for after you have a root canal. A dental crown is a cap that we place over your natural tooth; it’s most often made of porcelain or composite material. 

They can be used to cover over damaged or cracked teeth, as well as for covering teeth that have stained dentin (the inside of the tooth.) If your teeth are discolored or otherwise deformed, a crown is a great solution to restoring your appearance. 


If you need braces, don’t assume that it means you’ll have a mouth full of metal. Invisalign is a system of completely clear, custom-designed trays that you swap out every two weeks to gradually move your teeth into a new position.

Most people only have to wear Invisalign for 1-2 years. Most people will not even be able to tell that you’re wearing them unless they get up close. It’s a relatively small investment that has a big payoff in terms of your confidence.


Dental veneers are the way to give your smile the true “Hollywood” makeover. If you’ve ever seen celebrities or TV newscasters and wondered how they get their teeth so white and straight, the answer is veneers. 

Veneers can cover a variety of imperfections, from chipped teeth to uneven teeth. We can also choose any shade that you want. We first file down a bit of your natural teeth and then place ceramic shells over them. It’s considered a permanent solution; once you have them, you won’t want to go back.

Dental implants

If you’re missing teeth or we’ve determined that we can’t fix your tooth with a crown, dental implants are the way to go. A dental implant is a two-stage process in which we first begin with advanced hardware that acts as an artificial root for your tooth and later top it with a crown.

A dental implant is stable, secure, and permanent. It looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. While it is more expensive than dentures, for example, the payoff is huge. You’ll never know that you once had a missing tooth.

If you’re feeling less than confident about your smile, we can help. Contact the providers at Dental Art of South Bay today or request an appointment online.

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